We are Malva Travel to Mexico

17 December, 2018

We are a proudly Mexican company that seeks to offer unique travel experiences to all those passionate about knowing the most beautiful destinations in Mexico, its traditions, culture and cuisine. Our goal is to build authentic memories that enrich those who visit our country.

In this section you will find information about places of great beauty worth the visit, cultural and artistic events, about the natural wealth of Mexico and about spaces to enjoy the world-famous Mexican gastronomy. In short, we seek to inspire you to decide to take your suitcase and explore this wonderful country.

Malva Travel is formed by three friends passionate to know every corner of Mexico and to share their knowledge. After several years of individual experience in the tourism industry organizing different travel experiences, we decided to join and start a project that, besides being based on a deep love for tourism and for our country, seeks to contribute to the development of our community. Among the most important principles of Malva Travel is the generation of jobs with fair conditions for service professionals and the exposure of the work of Mexican artisans. We are convinced that through these collaborations we can deliver the best experience to those who visit our great country.

If you want to know more about Mexico, Malva Travel and our services, we invite you to visit our site and our social networks. If you have any questions or want us to explore any topic about this country, do not hesitate to leave your questions on the blog or contact us.

With love,

Malva Team