Day of the Dead in Central Mexico – Itinerary

We want to invite you to join our Day of the Dead Group Program 2019 and to delve into one of the oldest and most renowned tradition. We would love you to enjoy with us the flavours of Mexican traditional gastronomy, the celebration of our roots and the history contained in every inch of our cities.

Cuetzalan: misticism and coffee

Enjoy the natural beauty of this little-known destination, visit its countless waterfalls and impressive caves.

Ex Hacienda de Chautla, a castle between lakes

Visit the old hacienda, place of an interesting castle unique in its kind.

Museo Amparo, contemporary art and design

Visit the site that houses the different artistic and cultural currents that make up the contemporary Puebla.

Baroque Museum. The golden aesthetic of conquest.

Enjoy the great works of the most important artistic movement of the colonial era

Colonial gastronomy and cemitas

Enjoy the result of centuries of gastronomic history.


Our pre-Hispanic roots and the Colonial past.

Puebla, among angels and history

Know the history the city that gives life to legends.