Day of the Dead in Central Mexico – Itinerary

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We want to invite you to join our Day of the Dead Group Program 2019 and to delve into one of the oldest and most renowned tradition. We would love you to enjoy with us the flavours of Mexican traditional gastronomy, the celebration of our roots and the history contained in every inch of our cities.

This itinerary includes:

In the next description, you will find a detailed explanation of this carefully curated adventure. If you want to extend your stay please ask for the pre and post optional tours.

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Day of the Dead Parade in Reforma Avenue

Day 1 – October 30th

Welcome to Mexico City!

A representative will be waiting for you at the airport to welcome you. He will provide a short briefing about the services from the airport that you could take advantage from. You will be privately transferred to your hotel.

At night your private transfer will be ready to take you to a lavish restaurant, where the group will be able to interact and get a sense of place with the amazing view.

Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera

Day 2 – October 31st

Paintings, Murals and Day of the Dead Altars in Southern Mexico City

Today you will meet your knowledgeable guide who will accompany you during this cultural and fun trip. Today, you will be taken to visit the southern area of the city, that has preserved traditions and will be an excellent introduction to Day of the Dead festivities.

First you will visit Frida Kahlo’s Museum with its famous paintings reflecting her beliefs and tragic life. It also shows personal belongings and even the most colorful Mexican dresses from Frida’s personal collection. Then you will make a quick stroll around the center of Coyoacan district with one of the oldest churches in Mexico City. With the iconic Coyote fountain and central gazebo, this district has the amazing particularity of having a small town feeling within the big metropolis. Suggested lunch will be at Coyoacan market where your guide will give you a short introduction to the stands and you will be free to choose where to eat.

Pan de Muerto

Then your guide will take you to Anahuacalli Museum where you will appreciate Diego Rivera’s personal collection of Pre-Hispanic figures and historical photos. This is an amazing place to learn about the colourful and meaningful Day of the Dead altars too since they set a fantastic exhibition of this heritage. You will receive a full explanation about its meaning in the Mexican tradition.

To finalize this first day, you will learn how to make the traditional Pan de Muerto, a long-preserved tradition. This is a seasonal dish scented with orange blossom, sparkled with sugar and usually eaten accompanied by a delicious Mexican hot chocolate. Tonight, dinner will be on your own.

Day of the Dead Altar

Day 3 – November 1st

Exploring the Heart of the City and the Roots of Día de Muertos

Today, be ready at the hotel lobby for a full day in Historic City Center. First, you will visit Alameda Park and Bellas Artes Palace with its murals, then walk through the pedestrian street of Madero that will take you to the magnificent Plaza de la Constitución or as it is known by the locals, Zócalo. You will visit Templo Mayor to get to know more about the roots of the City as it is the remaining part of the ancient Tenochtitlan.

For lunch you will be privately transferred to La Roma District where you will have free time to eat in one of its delicious restaurants. Your guide will give you the best advice according to your taste. It has a wide variety of venues to choose from international to Mexican cuisine. After lunch you will have time to wander around the great shops and galleries in this area. This afternoon you can choose either going back the hotel immediately after lunch or stay there little longer to head back to the hotel and rest before tonight’s adventure.

To finish this wonderful day, you will head to the world famous Lucha Libre at the Arena Mexico. This wrestling style has combined elements of the Greco-Roman, Olympic, intercollegiate disciplines and different martial arts elements resulting in a colorful and exciting show in the ring. It’s most iconic characteristic are the masks and the elaborate costumes.

Day 4 – November 2nd

Delve Into Mexican Gastronomical Heritage and Feel the Spiritual Importance of Day of the Dead

Check-out from the hotel with your luggage. Be prepared to have an amazing day with a unique gastronomic experience in one of the few areas that still preserves crop fields within the city with very traditional food and beliefs. You will start the day with a small brunch with mouthwatering food and drinks such as traditional coffee, tortillas, cheese from the region, freshly made salsa, wine or beer to introduce you to the authentic products of the area.

Your expert guide will explain the importance of milpa crop-growing system. He will provide with information about maize and the process  of nixtamalization that increases tortillas’ nutritional value and flavor. Then, you will switch to the cultural part of the day by visiting a cemetery. There, you will be able to feel the spiritual importance of Day of the Dead celebration within the community.

Day of the Dead Festivities

Back to the foodie route, you will visit a family owned mole sauce factory, where you will learn about the process to create this complex and flavorful dish that contains more than 30 different ingredients, such as chocolate, chilies, nuts and several spices just to name a few. After learning about Mexican food from this rural area, you will be escorted by your expert guide to a local restaurant that will serve a gourmet late lunch with the freshest local ingredients.

Once you have enjoyed a delicious meal, get ready to depart from Mexico City. A 2.5 hours trip will allow you to relax and enjoy the scenery all the way to Puebla. Check in at La Descanseria and time to get settled at the hotel. Tonight, dinner will be on your own.

Day 5 – November 3rd

Puebla, City of Angels

After an energetic breakfast, be ready at 9:00 hours to meet the group and your guide at the hotel lobby to visit some of the most iconic sites in Puebla such as the architectural gem of Museo Casa del Alfeñique which is a representation of Novo-Hispanic Baroque. Also, a must visit, the Palafoxiana Library that is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Then you will head to a small place where you will be able to taste some local liquors and learn about the traditional sweets. One more stop before lunch, the magnificent Cathedral in the heart of Puebla. Time for lunch will be provided in City Center (meals not included).

After lunch, along with the guide, you will go to the historic area of the forts, where you will be able to learn more about the importance of Puebla while enjoying a breathtaking view. This afternoon you will be back to the hotel to relax or have some free time to continue exploring the city centre.

Day of the Dead Traditional Sugar Skulls

Day 6 – November 4th

Talavera, Sugar Skulls Workshop and Cholula Magic Town

On your last full day in Puebla, our team has prepared a special tour starting at 9:00 hours at the hotel lobby. Along with your guide, you will visit one of the most important talavera (tile) factories in Puebla. Then, you will get to see Cholula archeological site, a unique site that is totally worth visiting. It is the largest pyramid base in the world even compared with the Egyptian buildings. Time for lunch will be provided close to the site (meals not included).

To wrap up this wonderful itinerary, a unique experience has been prepared for you. A sugar skull workshop that will allow you to understand the importance, the respect but also the fun around death in Mexico.

Back to the hotel, you will have time to relax and get changed before going to the farewell dinner to celebrate a great trip and enjoy the company of your new friends.

Day 7 – November 5th

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