Day of the Dead in Central Mexico – Itinerary

We want to invite you to join our Day of the Dead Group Program 2019 and to delve into one of the oldest and most renowned tradition. We would love you to enjoy with us the flavours of Mexican traditional gastronomy, the celebration of our roots and the history contained in every inch of our cities.

Luis Barragán, the architectural legacy of functional Mexico

Considered as one of the most important architects of XX Century, the city inherited from Luis Barragán exceptional work pieces.

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

In addition to being an interesting creature for its beauty and color THE Monarch Butterfly is also characterized by having an extensive migration across the North American continent.

Puebla, among angels and history

Know the history the city that gives life to legends.

Divisadero, the most stunning stop on El Chepe Train route in Copper Canyon

It is not by chance that Divisadero is the only destination where El Chepe train stops 15 minutes to enjoy the unbelievable view.

Enjoy the colorful markets in Oaxaca

There is no better place to get to know a culture but through its markets.

The surreal dream of a great artist, Xilitla

Enjoy a magical experience as you get into the creation of Sir Edward James

Palenque, the kingdom of Pakal

This archaeological site is undoubtedly the archaeological jewel of the state of Chiapas.